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Coon Lake Community & Senior Center

Rules and Regulations 2019



The Coon Lake Community & Senior Center has the authority to allow the use of 20 feet of the lake shore and beach to community residents on the condition that this space is properly identified and maintained in good condition.  Our right of continued entitlement to the Coon Lake Community & Senior Center, boat landing, beaches and parks is contingent upon the following conditions.  If you are not in compliance, you will lose your privileges

1.       You must be a resident of Coon Lake Beach or own property on Coon Lake Beach.

2.       You must be a member of the Coon Lake Community & Senior Center, sign the Dock Space Agreement and pay your annual membership dues.

3.       You must agree to hold harmless the Coon Lake Community & Senior Center of any liability related to your dock and any personal property on your assigned dock space(s).

4.       Members may contribute hours of community service (e.g. working at pancake breakfasts, raking, cleaning, mowing etc.) to reduce the cost of their membership dues.  This is very much appreciated and welcomed.

5.       Dock space must be kept mowed and free of trash.  Docks, dock parts, boats and boat lifts not in use during the summer may not be stored on the dock space. 

6.       All docks must be seasonal.  No permanent docks are allowed.  Docks are to be removed from the lake by November 1st.  Docks are to be removed past the normal lake level.

7.       Docks must be maintained in a safe condition.  Any docks not maintained will be condemned by the Dock Committee and must be removed.  Any cost incurred will be at the member’s expense.

8.       One additional dock space can be optionally reserved at a rate of $200, where available.  Contact Dock Committee Chairman, for more information.

9.       Dock Spaces are marked with a dock space number.  Do not extend past your own 20 feet – including dock and where your boat will be moored.  Consider your dock neighbors when placing your dock.

10.   No parking of vehicles on dock space. No launching of boats from dock space.  No driving on dock space or beach area. No driving of ATV/Carts that cause vegetation  to be damaged.   This will cause irreparable damage to the lot/shoreline.  Members will be responsible for repair and may lose all future dock rights.

11.   Improvements must be coordinated with the DNR and Coon Lake Community Dock Committee Chairman.

12.   Dock space and beach is not to be used as a storage area, except for dock and lifts during winter months.  No construction materials, canoes, fishing boats, grills, etc. are to be left on lake shore during the winter months. 

13.   Winter stored docks must be behind post markers.  If your dock space does not accommodate your dock, it must be moved to your home property or you must have an agreement with your neighbor to encroach on their space.  No other personal property can be left at dock space.

14.   You have signed an agreement at the time of membership renewal granting you the right to use the dock space.  You must register for the dock space annually, when you renew your membership.

15.   Homeowners are reminded that the dock space does not necessarily go to the new owner when a property is sold.  Purchaser must apply and pay for membership and dock space within 30 days. 

16.   Violation of Rules:  You will be notified by mail or email at the address listed on your agreement to correct a violation.  Correction of violations must be brought to the Board of Directors at the next monthly meeting.  If not, members automatically lose their right to use the dock space for the remainder of the year.

17.   Abandonment of dock property: Docks or property not maintained or in violation, as well as property left by members no longer in good standing, will be considered abandoned.  You are assumed to have given up your rights to this property but will be responsible for any costs incurred to remove and dispose of this property.

If you have any questions you may contact the Dock Committee or attend a monthly Coon Lake Community & Senior Center Board of Directors meeting.  The monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. 

The current chairman of the Dock Committee, Dale Voltin, can be reached at 612-718-6565.

Thank you for your support.

Coon Lake Community & Senior Center and Dock Committee